Hypnotherapy - Magdalena Lyle
Hypnotherapy - Magdalena Lyle

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Reversing Chronic Symptoms with Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coaching

Lifestyle Medicine research has shown that up to 80% of chronic health issues can be reversed through comprehensive lifestyle changes and treating the cause. As a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, trained at the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University, I’ve seen pain, eczema, heart disease, headaches, diabetes, anxiety, fear, depression, and many other symptoms disappear.

In our first complimentary consultation, I share with you what’s causing your symptoms and what you need to do to break the chronic cycle.

How does Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coaching work?

We’ll meet in my practice or online in a safe, supportive, and empowering environment and by asking a set of questions I’ll help you discover the specific stress, emotion, belief, social & lifestyle habits causing your symptom.

Then we’ll use highly effective Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching Techniques & Protocols to remove the blockages that prevent you from healing naturally.

What can I expect during a session?

Clients like you have commented that after the first session they understand for the first time why they have symptoms; how specific stressors, emotions, and beliefs are intimately linked, and which steps they need to take to heal and thrive.

Typically, during our first consultation I’ll guide you through the 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching process:

1. Find Your Root-Causes

We’ll use the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process to understand the specific root-causes of your symptoms.

2. Radical Transformations Using evidence-based Health Coaching Techniques & Protocols I’ll help you:

Release unresolved emotional hurts

Reset and let go of stress triggers

Establish empowering beliefs

Create real-life and social

Increase strength, vitality, and life energy through new micro-habits improvements

3. Establish New Habits with Lifestyle Prescriptions®

You’ll receive personalized, laser-sharp, and root-cause-based Lifestyle Prescriptions® helping you automate new healthy lifestyle habits.

My Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching work is based on Lifestyle Medicine and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy.