Magdalena Lyle

You have a choice to make to reclaim your life

Hypnotherapy will make all the difference to your life and free you from what is holding you back.

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I am Magdalena Lyle

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Magdalena is a talented expert. The whole process was safe and reassuring. I would recommend to anyone that feels held back or that they could achieve more "if only..." to make urgent contact with her. I cannot recommend her enough.
IT Professional

Hypnotherapy Works

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You will notice a significant difference in your outlook after just your first session.

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Here’s exactly What To Expect:
What My Clients Say About Energie4 Therapy program
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Introducing Magdalena Therapy

With Magdalena's vast experience, she combines therapies to what suits YOU best!

Clear Clarity

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Work Growth

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Happy Clients

Hypnosis works on many issues are you can see below from my client testimonials.

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Rachelle Martin
Online entrepreneur
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Kellie Windler
Canvas Artist
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Sylvia Miller
Online Course Coach

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe for me?

You will be safe and the sessions will be strictly confidential and private.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a controlled state of awareness, your subconscious and nervous system is absolutely relaxed.

I haven’t ever been hypnotised?

Do you drive, walk or run to a regular place every day or just sit and watch or listen to something and say “I was in a zone” or “I was in a daze or trance” that is you in a hypnotic state. Unfortunately, the misconception of the staged hypnotic trance has been compared to the phenomenal and powerful healing benefits of hypnotherapy.

What are the benefits of hypnosis?

Taking advantage of this state of mind we can then understand and interpret unwanted behaviours. Become free of them through a process of suggestions that bypass the conscious mind and the critical factor allowing the mind to be receptive, responsive and acceptable of suggestions.

Find out the root cause of your issues so you can live life!

Experience the real power of hypnosis, with a private session with Magdalena, in person or over zoom.

Self Worth

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Weight Loss

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The Energie4 Therapy Program


Work with Magdalena?

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A hypnotherapist that takes the time to understand your issues

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Real-life experience

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Business woman with heart

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why you should book now

Hear what Magdalena says about her hypnotherapy style

Your time is now

Hypnosis gets to the underlying root cause in your subconscious mind, to unblock your issues.