Hypnotherapy - Magdalena Lyle
Hypnotherapy - Magdalena Lyle

It Is Like You Are Lost

It is like you are lost? You know where you want to go and the journey you want to be on. That’s what Magdalena does is hold your hand and help you get to where you want to go.

Not Explainable – Anxiety

How could you explain the anxiousness that you feel? When you feel that sickness in the pit of your stomach. How do you explain it when even you don’t understand it?

Feeling Good – Beating Anxiety

What if you put as much effort into feeling good as you do your anxiety? Why don’t you put that energy to feeling confident, do a complete 180 degree change in your life.

Someone Else’s Belief

As we get older we start to feel more insecure within ourselves and we lose confidence. Where do you think we pick up our beliefs? We certainly were not born with any particular beliefs.

Tired Of Anxiety

Is the anxiety you are feeling overwhelming and taking over your life?

Don’t let anxiety beat you down and win!

Change That Negative Thought

What is the negative thought that keeps looping in your mind?

Magdalena gives you guidance on how to eliminate the looping negative thoughts in your mind.

Traumatic Events & Anxiety

Traumatic events affect us all differently, the key is to understand it and it isn’t something that you can always consciously do. 

What if you could find out? 

Why and how you can deal with it, wouldn’t your life be so much better?

Childhood Memories and Anxiety

You may have had a wonderful childhood, however, there could have been one instance like if your parents went away from work. An instance like this could be causing you anxiety.

Looping Thoughts

The perpetual negative thoughts that keep looping in your head, end up being what you think is ultimately true. Are your thoughts looping saying that “you are not good enough?”

Who Is Protecting You?

Your mind is with you all the time. It is so clever and smart and will protect you all the time.