Hypnotherapy - Magdalena Lyle
Hypnotherapy - Magdalena Lyle
Why can't I get past my fears and addictions

Why Can’t I Get Past?


Smoking, Shed the extra kilos, Anxiety or Fear of…???

Yes, it is absolutely true that some things happen for a reason and some things we are born with but having addictions, weight issues, fear of anything, anxiety or even sexual issues all come from an event, experience or even trauma.

Have you ever wondered why we even have these issues in the first place it isn’t because we were born with them. Therefore you may find yourself, “Why can’t I get past these things?”

Did we come out of the womb with a cigarette in our mouth, as an obese baby, or even fear or anxiety of coming out of the womb…NO! We did not. Our wonderful mind is so brilliant that if an event in our childhood, or adulthood affected us so much that we created a belief from a thought. Then into a feeling and finally into action that caused us to react or have a belief that we needed to do certain things to suppress those feelings from that event.

So, this is how a negative thought can spiral down into a negative action even though you think it is a positive outcome. Overeating or eating the wrong foods because we feel that it will calm us, fill a void and yet it is so delicious, and there it has made you feel better.

So, take a moment to think of a negative thought of yourself, how does that make you feel, now think of an action that you do based on that feeling. Let’s look at how this process can work during an interview process for a promotion.

For example:

THOUGHT – “I am going to say something wrong in the interview for my promotion.”

FEELING – Getting anxious and nervous.

ACTION – Start sweating, shaking or even postpone or cancel the interview.

But what if you change that thought to:

THOUGHT – “I am going to say everything correctly and answer appropriately.”

FEELING – Feeling confident and calm.

ACTION – Whole demur is confident, the body is at ease and with assurance.

If you “switch” your thoughts to a positive belief, a positive feeling will emerge and positive action will take place.

To truly have a lifelong transformation and continue living with positive action to your issues, hypnosis has been known to give these incredible and amazing life-changing changes. But in doing all these things, your conscious mind is working hand-in-hand with your subconscious mind, the unconscious part of your mind that does your “behind the scenes” thinking. Tapping into the unconscious mind and giving it a positive thought process that will bring awareness of understanding.

In short, your subconscious mind is the real brain behind these beliefs – it does most of your thinking, and it decides a lot of what you do. When you are awake, your conscious mind works to evaluate a lot of these thoughts, make decisions and put certain ideas into action. It also processes new information and relays it to the subconscious mind.

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